RT @WTFuckFacts: HarryPotter author JKRowling admitted dat Dumbledore is gay. He was in love wid a wizard named Grindelwald whom he late …

Just realised I havnt seen @GeorgiaHampson @nadiazara @ShanSinghxo @GraceStonier and @HeatherWilliamz since last year.. Where ma gurls at yo

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RT @jessicajarrell: Busy day! But I have a big surprise coming for you sooner than you think ;) get ready!

Cheeky sesh on the just dance.. Rollin on a riverrrrr!

Just posted a photo http://t.co/wj4uosyX

Got EVERYTHING I wanted love my family had the best christmas ever! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

RT @miilkkk: Daddy why is Santa’s sack so big? daughter asked, ‘because he only comes once a year darling’.

Please will everyone tweet ‎​ @onedirection stalls row E seat 23, 24, 23 please xx

Brother killing me on COD.. What a knob head

RT @GraceStonier: Santa is in our stomachs @ElllColeman

RT @itstracybeaker: The awkward moment wen justines dad iz white!!!

RT @flawlessbeebur: me: wow everything seems right for once! life: lol bitch hold on let met fuck it up.